The #selfieccino style

“I want to hear the simmer
Of the old coffee pot;
I want to hear it hummin’
When it’s gettin’ good and hot”

-John Fellows in “The Old Coffee Pot”

We know that a coffee is a personal affair. That’s why we serve aromatic, freshly ground premium coffee beans to spruce up your day. Help us click your photo and have it designed onto your coffee froth in our different flavourful variants.

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The Wonder of Waffles

This Dutch dessert at our cafe is a pocket of proteins and made with pure vegetarian ingredients- something rare to find especially of Waffles.

Awe inspiring and marvellously made, try these to lift your spirits!

Chirpy Churros

Have you seen a squirrel nibble its nut? How delightfully it relishes every bite of its possession. It’s likewise for our Chhuros. They are lip smacking and a perfect blend of munch and mellow. You’d want to have your own sweet time to relish it!

Chomp these specially handcrafted Chhuros and allow them to tell you their tale as they come straight from the authentic- ‘The Dough Story’.

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Thoughtful Thick Shakes

Every sip that you’ll savor and the froth that you’ll stir through is a secret. It will reveal to you our many trials that have turned triumphantly into succulent thick shakes to give you your luscious drink.

Unwind and rejuvenate with your gulp…

Marvellous Mocktails

Peppy and enervating, fizzy and chill- filled, revive yourself with our marvelous mocktails. You wouldn’t believe this, but trust us- we have Matched it out. The many permutation and combinations that we had experimented with Thickshakes have also been worked through the mocktails.

So here you go, ride through these cool waves and enjoy the blends…